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Halliday's Bluff and Raft

Pioneer Rafting operates private, non-commercial eco rafting adventures for river conservation donors.

We volunteer our time and equipment to take families and groups eco rafting so that we can promote and fund native restoration, using plants from our on-site nursery.

Eco rafting is offered free of charge to donors on a strictly peer-to-peer basis, using no third-party booking agents, which reduces costs, such that donations can be less than the cost of a commercial trip.

We navigate the mighty Clutha Mata-Au River, a wild and scenic river forming the heart of the Upper Clutha Valley.

The Clutha Mata-Au is New Zealand's largest and most powerful river, flowing swiftly from Lake Wanaka into the golden semi-desert landscape of Central Otago.

We encounter peaceful river sections, surging eddies, native birdlife, gold-rush tailings, and exciting but easy Grade 2-3 whitewater rapids that everyone can enjoy.

Every trip includes time to relax on the riverbank, where we "boil the billy" to make Tea-Tree tea (picked fresh), and often pan for fine alluvial gold.

Your private eco guide Lewis, or "Finn", began rafting the Clutha Mata-Au in 1981. He has a unique affinity with the upper river environment, and a genuine desire to share it with others.

"Finn" has pioneered "eco rafting", and devotes countless volunteer hours to river conservation as a native ecosystem restorer, researcher, writer, rafter, and eco activist.

In 2003, he initiated a river conservation project to create a Clutha Mata-Au River Parkway, with a river-length trail, along the entire 338km Clutha Mata-Au corridor from Lake Wanaka to the Pacific Ocean. And in 2015 he co-founded the Red Bridge River Park project focused on native restoration.

Our eco rafting adventures support river conservation while allowing families and groups to experience and learn about one of the world's largest and most beautiful rivers.

Huck Finn's Raft

"We said there weren't no home like a raft,
after all. Other places do seem so cramped up and smothery, but a raft don't. You feel mighty free and easy and comfortable on a raft."
Huck Finn

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